Siberian Quartz: Grown in Russia. 

White Topaz: Manifestation stone. Helps connect with the cosmic flow and highest good. Stores energy.

Siberian Blue Quartz with White Topaz

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  • Siberian blue quartz is  a powerful dark blue stone that resonates with the third eys so this is an amazing stone for developing your clairvoyance and being able to “see” spiritually. It increases your ability to “read” people, see auras and connect clairvoyantly. It helps you to connect with your guides to be a more powerful healer, but mostly to be able to visualize your guides and the healing process. It increases overall intuition and gives you clearer direction in your life. It also improves your physical eyesight.  This is a great stone for anyone wishing to open their third eye and increase psychic abilities, but also anyone simply wishing to have more direction in their life.


    Magician Cut

    A multi-faceted star showing 4-fold symmetry. This unique cut creates numerous energetic channels that connect us to Source, the Earth and each of the four directions. The effect is one of centering. It positions us in the cosmic flow and we begin to manifest magic, good luck and extraordinary abundance.