Citrine Magician Stone

  • Large Magical Pure Blessed

    Angel Aura Magician Stone – Angel Aura is Everyone’s Favorite!


    A Great design for a man or woman!


    The Angel Aura Stone brings in the power of the Angels. The magician cut enhances your psychic abilities and the John of God energy makes this a piece of very high vibration.


    Magician Cut

    A multi-faceted star showing 4-fold symmetry. This unique cut creates numerous energetic channels that connect us to Source, the Earth and each of the four directions. The effect is one of centering. It positions us in the cosmic flow and we begin to manifest magic, good luck and extraordinary abundance.


    This is a very powerful cut I love to wear. The magician cut is specifically designes to emphasize your “magic” or psychic abilities. The Magician stone is also a double Vogel so it is protective from negative energies. Some stones in this cut make your vibration so high you actually get a bit dizzy. Don’t worry, just sit for a minute and ground yourself.