WHO IS Nitya?  

"I've had to the good fortune to have known Nitya for over ten years. I have seen her many times as reiki practitioner. In short, she is incredible and one of the finest people I know." -Jim B.

Nitya has been practicing energy healing since her childhood. At a very young age Nitya was able to recall her past life where she was very much in touch with spirituality.  Just like many children, Nitya could see and communicate with Spirits, Angels, Elementals and Star Beings. She had an intense longing to spread the word of unconditional love and peace to all.

Throughout her life she has been researching, studying and practicing various forms of energy healing, psychic abilities, channeling of energy and spirits, working with quantum energy, connecting with the other/astral realms and dimensions of existence. She has been providing help in many aspects including Reiki healing, Reiki attunements, past life regressions, psychic/medical attunements, pet communication and training, connecting with those who have passed on, performing psychic surgery, the clearing, cleansing and charging of chakras, guided meditation into the Underworld, finding your animal/familiar guide in spirit, guided meditation to the 7th dimension to build your own meditation room in the astral plane and meet your spirit guides, as well as providing Yoga Nidra meditations, sacred sound baths and personal nutrition and chef options.  

She has been practicing throughout her life, studying various types of yoga with different teachers. She is a certified Hatha yoga teacher through Sivananda Yoga Ashram. She lived for 3 years in Sivananda Ashrams and centers in NY and India undergoing intense yogic practices and selfless service. She is a senior teacher and assists the Yoga Teacher Training Courses in NY and India turning students into yoga teachers. She is extremely disciplined and practices daily yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. Living a yogic lifestyle for her means living in a state of awareness and ultimate moving meditation.


She has had the good fortune to be able to travel the world spreading the teachings of yoga and providing Reiki healing. She teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced classes, 1 on 1 and in excess of 200 students. She brings great detailed explanation to each class as she is dedicated to helping others find the peace within themselves. She will provide you with as much information as you are ready to receive. She absolutely lives for healing and yoga. This is her life. She just came back from India where she took a group to Kerala for her own first Yoga Teacher Training.